Stylish 3D Glasses

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Stylish 3D Glasses


Miss Kine, the other half of Ingri:Dahl sent me these awesome 3D glasses last month all the way from the US. She sent me an e-mail stating if I’d be willing to do a product review. I said YES! Haha! From her words: We set out to save fashionistas from having to wear the ugly 3D glasses at the cinema or at home. Our goal was to extend the celebration of fashion created by Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Lauren and Mr. Dior and so many others through our classic Hollywood inspired 3D glasses and clip-ons. 

 So what is it about their glasses and how did they come up with making them? 

Born and raised in Norway, a place known for Scandinavian design, Kine and Einy set out to improve the look of 3D glasses. The twins redesigned 3D glasses that would be more convenient and attractive to moviegoers. They increased the glasses’ longevity and made them eco-friendly and fashion-forward. Ingri:Dahl was born. INGRI:DAHL fuses the names of two Scandinavian icons. “INGRI” refers toOscarwinning actress Ingrid Bergman, star of “Casablanca.” “DAHL” honors Roald Dahl, author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and other children’s classics. Both have left a legacy in entertainment and been an influence to people, including Kine and Einy.

Here’s my pair!! Apparently, this is INGRI:DAHL’s first model called “Popcorn,”. It was inspired by classic round shapes. Today the company designs and sells a variety of stylish 3D glasses, all compatible for movie theaters, 3D TVs and other passive circular polarized systems. Make sure to check out their other designs! 😉

Now, watching 3D movies in your home or in theaters need not be boring. Stay fashionable by wearing one of these!

Stay wicked!


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