Such a Catastrophe

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Such a Catastrophe

Printed blazer, necklace, bow ring, and spike bracelet, Vaintage. Skinny jeans, Penshoppe. Beaded top, skinny belt, and metallic pumps, Forever 21. 


Look of the Day — Loud print anyone?! 

Have you ever tried wearing a loud colorful print before? This blazer from Vaintage is such a statement I did not know what to pair it with. This, along with a lot of accessories were sent to me last week. So instead of pairing it with my “formula” which is shorts + top + this blazer, I thought why not wear jeans? Yes, it may look too formal for my taste but jeans/blazer combo can be both casual and chic. Big thanks to Erleen for sending me accessories. I now have new shiny, spiky stuff.. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Do you think it worked? I kept everything minimal and in dark hues. Dark jeans, dark pumps, and a neutral top. That way, they would compliment every piece instead of clashing altogether. Lol!  

I have the best excuse to wear these shiny pumps! Love the suede and metallic combination. Classy! 😉

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Hope you like today’s look!

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Stay wicked!