Sugar, Spikes, and Everything Nice

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Sugar, Spikes, and Everything Nice

Velvet dress, Topshop. Lace shoes, Janylin. Spike headband and necklace, It’s a Girl Thing Manila. 


Look of the Day — I’m not going for the PowerPuff Girls here but somehow the little girl vibe is brought about by the dress + headband. Okay, I look weird. The witty addition of coming up with a title made it even weirder. Hmmkay.. Nuff said! 🙄

If you have noticed, I have this thing for wine/burgundy/deep red color. Its terms have evolved from wine to burgundy that now it’s known as oxblood; all pertaining to the same hue. Confusing!

Wearing all spikes as if my headband isn’t enough, I added every golden spikey piece that I own. In this case, bracelets and necklace. Thank you Saskia from It’s a Girl Thing for feeding my insatiable need on all things spikey. Thank goodness for new sponsors! I can experiment on excessorizing now. Woot woot!

Last I checked, me wearing headbands was a college thing. Yep, I got caught up with that “Blair look from Gossip Girl” hype too. There’s the thick headband in bold colors, polka dots, and bows. I even went far into wearing that feather thing which I’m sure some of you could very well remember! I have saved up my allowance just so I could buy at least 3 of those feathers that I could interchange for (washday) Wednesday, Saturday classes, and Sunday exams. Uh huh.. You read that right, I have classes (ugh.. exams!) even on Sundays. And yes, I have no life (in college at least).

The shoes that I bought just because they’re on sale. One does not simply say NO to a sale! Agree? 😉


Hope you like today’s look!


Stay wicked!