Tables Have Been Turned

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Tables Have Been Turned


Plaid polo and bracelet , Vaintage. Biker boots, Luxury Mall. Sunglasses, Cotton On. Rib necklace / Bone earrings, OS Accessories.


Look of the Day — What do you do when it rains everyday and you have to shoot looks asap? It’s been a while since I last shot my outfit posts indoors. But because we don’t have awesome background or backdrop photography-wise, I thought of something creative. If you’ve browsed through that much, you might notice that this set is a dead ringer of the LB Forum photo. Agree? It’s something work-able and achievable without overly exposing the whole outfit. How timely for my new plaid buttondown from Vaintage!


I showed boyf that photo and asked if we could achieve something like this given the fact that he owns turntables. Heee! After careful scrutiny and endless chores setting up strobe lights, etcetera etcetera we finally proceeded with the shoot.

Beautiful bones… 😈 Well I do think that it was a goal successfully achieved. Lol!  


Anyway, I got hooked (on a serious level) on Instagram and Follow me?! 😉

That’s it for today’s post guys!


Stay wicked!