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Look 191: Frayed Polka

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion by Wicked Ying

Look 191 Frayed Polka Polka dot blouse, PINKaholic. Frayed shorts, bought in Cebu. Black lace heels, Asianvogue. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s. Haleeew! I’m back to my chitchatty self again.. Not grumpy! Now I know why I was acting weird yesterday. It’s because it’s the time of the month. PMS and dysmenorrhea are both BS! Haha! If you know what I mean.. …

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New In: Black Lace

In Shoes by Wicked Ying

Black Lace It’s black and it’s lace! Another pair I got from Asianvogue. I adore this style! So much that I am currently owning three pairs of this particular kind of shoe style. Chunky heels ftw! Uhm! I’m suddenly into this certain black-brown combo. It’s cute! 😉 They’re comfy too. Nice fit and all… Maybe because I only get to …