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Look 170: Don’t Hesitate, Desaturate!

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion by Wicked Ying

Look 170 Don’t Hesitate, Desaturate! Heather gray sheer top with pearl accents, Keysas. Acid wash leggings, Chikasfashionista. Buckle booties, Heel and Sole. Look 170! Yey! Never thought I’d reach this number.. I have been contemplating to end this cuh-razy challenge for a million times this week but somehow I end up hanging on day by day, look after look. If …

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New In: Buckle Up

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying

  Buckle Up! I’ve been eyeing these babies for who knows when. Finally, I have them now. Aren’t they the prettiest thing? 😉 Thanks to Heel and Sole. In case you didn’t know, I got my very own D&G inspired face wedges from them too. They got awesome kicks, not to mention the most hassle-free transaction evah! 😆  Why? Because …