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Look 32: Anterograde Amnesia

In 365 Look Challenge, Fashion by Wicked Ying

Look 32. Anterograde Amnesia (Google the meaning for more info…)  👿 Nothing new. Navy blue tank top, black shiny shorts, yellow heels. Everyday look has always been like this. So why the title? Anterograde Amnesia? Makes me wanna have one. I am a living wreck in an emotional turmoil. I wish I am numb, like I always used to be.. maybe …

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In Deep Thoughts

In Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Wicked by Wicked Ying

  Random thoughts in motion 1. Excited to go on a quick summer vacay! (B-E-A-C-H) 2. Will I be able to complete my 365? Apparently, I’ve started to hoard looks for the upcoming days…  😉 3. Where do I want to travel next? 4. I’m full..after our pigging out (pizza, macaroni, fries, garlic stix, coolers!) Yeah that’s me and my …