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The Wicked Ying Just Got Facebooked!

In SEO / SEM / SMM by Wicked Ying

If you have been following my blog (which I doubt), you might notice that I’ve changed my commenting platform from Disqus to Facebook. I’ve been weighing the two long enough to make such a decision. Which is which? Disqus, on a bloggers POV, is pretty much efficient in eradicating spammy comments through it’s own moderation techniques. While with Facebook, comment …

For the love of Lookbook!

In Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography by Wicked Ying

  While at work with BeautyWired, I was amazed with artsy photos posted by  amazing bloggers and fashion savants. Decided to give it a try. Skipped the work routine and headed on the tabs with Lookbook as well as Tumblr. It’s a cool community, expressing yourself through photos, explaining your everyday look, and just about anything. Plus, your “look” gets …

Around and About

In Photography, Wicked by Wicked Ying

Tossing time between my work and my personal accounts on social media lately. Nonetheless, I still find my way to rummage the tabs and drop by my ever so-called blog. I do not know what else to blab about, nor do I have the leisure of time to think about what to write. Just letting you all know that I’m …