Look 2: Steal Let Toes!

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  This super high, faux croc, peep toe stilleto could kill…….ME! 5-inch heels + 1 inch base platform. Geeeez I’m describing too much, I’m starting to sound like a true blue shoe expert. It’s still Look 2 and I think I’m running out of resources (ideas or clothes to be exact!) Didn’t know putting together one collage-ish picture can be …

Look 1: Feelin’ Blue

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  My 365 looks challenge starts now…  😈 Wearin’ electric blue studded shorts and my newly thrifted purple suede pumps… Hype me on Lookbook!  😆

The Shoe Addict

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  I can still remember those days when I used to wear my mom’s pair of red stilletos and such shallow happiness it brings prancing around the room with it.  A child’s imagination really does wonders.  From that point on, I became so fascinated with shoes. All kinds of them. I watched as it transgresses with each era. From the …