The Deadly Trap

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The Deadly Trap


All alone in this piece of land,

Nobody is in view from where I stand,

It’s far too difficult to communicate

I’ve learned introversion is simply innate


My feet is placed firmly on the ground

But my thoughts go everywhere,

Travelling faster than sound

Sometimes I wish I could just disappear

And wake up somewhere, anywhere but here


Haunting thoughts always creep

My imagination has gone wild and deep

Maybe someday I’ll get to know the real me

Only then I can say that I am free


Tired of feeling like a piece of crap

My brain is my very own deadly trap

Would you dare break down this façade?

Maybe when you do, you’ll stop getting mad


Situations come and go

We’ve had our share of highs and lows

Will you stay and stick with me?

It’s a rollercoaster ride I guarantee