The Iconic Run Of A Fashion Visionary Alexander McQueen

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Fashion bloggers look up to icons whose works resonate within the community long before the creative genius behind the brand has departed from earthly living. It is this kind of effect that Alexander Mcqueen has cast upon many followers and admirers.

To date, bloggers have a piece to share about their McQueen experience even if they connect through him only by his works of art alone. They incorporate pieces to their looks that emulate the character in his designs. This is to somehow keep his spirit alive and honor the style that he crafted for the fashion world to feast on visually. Not to mention, he created experiences rather than mere shows.

Iconic designs and the kind of aesthetic impressed upon you by some pieces are easily identifiable if you are well versed with Mcqueen’s shaping of what privileged individuals wear to represent his style. It is worth mentioning that there are High Street favorites that emerge on top of the list.

If you’ve heard of the term bumsters, it refers to the famous low slung jeans that Mcqueen made famous in 1996. Dangerously dipping by the hips to reveal crevices, it raised not to few eyebrows when it was fashioned to the public. His daring to become different put him on the map and into the consciousness of curious followers, albeit some mixed feelings by those who see a mismatch on wearers who do not fit in with the sizing of this style.

Another item that has drawn raves from the fashion industry is the skull printed scarf that even celebrities started adoring. Although considered another trademark, it did spawn a lot of imitations from manufacturers who aspired to bask in the hype. The photo above is the razor blade version I found at Harvey Nichols.

Mcqueen also possessed a certain cleverness towards cutting clothes and tailoring them into impeccable shapes and forms. This is a good measure of his skill in tailoring, especially since he came from this background. With the importance of “the cut” on clothes, this earned him a reputation for making equally tailored and dramatic looks altogether.

Who would forget the theatrical show he puts on for catwalk shows? As far as extremity is concerned, Mcqueen never boxed himself in a conformist take on fashion because he basked in the oddity of shapes and details for his clothes and shoes. His shows represent a gathering that is of high production value, all because he utilizes technology to add twists and curveballs to designs that continually amaze his audience.

Mcqueen has notably influenced fashion with his unprecedented flair for extremist designs. This is why he is truly a fashion visionary in his own right.