The Importance of Social Customer Service

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Social Media has increasingly become an important part in every business (big or small) plan and strategy for marketing. Aside from that, it is also a brand’s way of reaching out to its customers and a platform for hearing honest feedback from them. Among all the platforms present, businesses most often than not have accounts on Facebook and Twitter. These two are the avenue to reach social consumers, the main target of Social Customer Service. What better way to grow and improve your product and service is to interact with the very people who patronize the brand itself?

Social Customer Service is vital to every business that wants to build an established online presence. How these business profiles respond to fans and followers can determine whether they will get a loyal customer or a ranting dissatisfied one.

The world of social media is a complex, critical, yet a fun field to tread on. I had the chance to experience both worlds, as a blogger trying to build a brand and as a freelance digital marketing strategist. Check out this infographic from AdWeek:

Having worked for a small business coach for more than a year, I’ve learned that the secret to business success is finding your niche market. Through rapport and honest interactions, your niche develops trust in your brand. Overtime they turn into loyal customers who unconsciously do the marketing for you via referrals or word of mouth.

I’ve always said this to my clients that when it comes to social media, one simply cannot measure the ROI because it’s not a venture with guaranteed return. It is, however, a medium to reach your customers, widen your market reach and reviews.


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