eyeshadows, lip gloss, mascara FTW!

The Mascara Face Off

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which is which?


I was able to use these two fab mascaras. Both claimed to have a  volumizing effect on the lashes. They both serve well depending on your needs.

If you want the thick black lashes with a bit of clumpy bits then this Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara is the way to go. Easy to apply because of its thick pasty consistency.

For that long thin lashes that seems like you’re wearing falsies, try Manhattan’s Volcano Explosive Volume Waterproof Mascara. It reaches inner lashes so everything is fully covered. It’s a bit too wet when you’re applying so be extra careful with the wand. You do not want smudgy grudgy looking eyes after. Try using a card for the application process. See Michelle Phan’s vid on Youtube so you would get an idea on what I meant with the card trick.

Some of the make ups my aunt brought me from Germany, they’re nice!

eyeshadows, lip gloss, mascara FTW!

This is my first take on Photoshop + Lightroom editing with less supervision from Charcoal Monkey. I made it a bit purply. I also learned how to put the watermark on it. From now on, all my photos will have one. Sweet!  😈