The Oath Taking

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Got no nursing cap! Whatever!


with classmates... 🙂


Yesterday was the 6th Oath Taking Ceremony in Caraga Region for the Nursing Board Passers, an assembly of new board passers from different nursing schools in the region. I happen to attend it, out of sheer curiosity and just because I had to, thereby leaving me no choice but to “be there”. Nothing fancy going on during the program. Long introductions were given for the Oh-I’m-so-famous-I-need-to-be-specially-mentioned persons which took up most of the speeches I should say. I was thinking, Oh crap! why not just say “Good afternoon to each and everyone” instead.

Before the program started, we had to walk all the way to the isle. I was the only one who hadn’t worn a nursing cap! I had to blend in with the boys for them not to notice it. It is overall a lengthy and dragging one. For someone who’s just there because she paid for it, NOT fun! Lots of hymns, pledges, oaths from organizations I do not remember them all. Can’t help but pout, rant and complain during the program. I’m the infamous “reklamadora”, my friends know that. Food was so so, not worth with what I’ve paid for but whatever, I gave it a shrug on my shoulders because I can’t do anything about it.

During one of the speeches, given by the member of the Board of Nursing,  one of the topics was about how to get a job despite the high unemployment rate of nurses in the country. It caught my attention that the speaker even tried to make fun of it (or so it appealed to me), said that we could still earn by going to market (wet market or any market per se) and charge for our services such as blood pressure taking, giving of health teachings, etcetera. The entire room was laughing, she begged to differ, said it was the true scenario. My take on this is, why the laugh? Yes it is true, now what? What actions were you all doing to somehow lessen the high rate of unemployment? What were these people doing to alleviate such situation? I’m not trying to be a critique but it is quite the trend here in the Philippines. The Filipino dream is to attain or live the American dream. Colleagues, students, high ranking nursing officials, I’m giving you these thoughts to ponder on.