The Perfect Beauty Guide

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  An old adage that still holds true today.

If you were to ask 10 people about what they find beautiful, you’ll likely get 10 different answers… that is, if they’re truly honest about them and not just giving in to peer pressure or the dictates of media. The definition of beauty nowadays is equalled to perfection. Don’t you agree? Women are often bombarded with advertisements on beauty must-haves and must-try treatments. With the industry’s standards so high up plus costly products and procedures available in the market, we eventually find it hard to keep up anymore.

If sticking to a beauty routine already seems tough, why bother trying to be ‘in the trend’? Between managing business or career, taking care of the family and doing grunt household chores, who has the time to spend on skincare routine? If you wish to stay beautiful and feel beautiful, changes have to be made. Steps done repeatedly turn into habits. Habits form a routine. Once the new routine is incorporated to daily schedule, you’d be surprised to find that it doesn’t take an eternity after all.


Start by dividing it into three parts. The first one is something that you need to do everyday. Your personal daily routine is considered as the most important of all. It entails performing simple skin and health care such as staying hydrated, proper diet, getting enough sleep, applying/removing makeup products, and other self-grooming tasks. Next is activities that have to be done on a weekly basis like facial masks. Last part is a monthly/fortnightly basis which could also mean booking a visit to your favorite salon and spa. For starters, use these Groupon deals to kick off your personalized beauty regimen!

Having a hard time sifting through these boring texts? Say no more! We’ve prepared a nice little infographic to serve as a guide in planning your new custom beauty routine. ;-) 

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