The Shoe Addict

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Dont you just love them?! 🙂

I can still remember those days when I used to wear my mom’s pair of red stilletos and such shallow happiness it brings prancing around the room with it.  A child’s imagination really does wonders.  From that point on, I became so fascinated with shoes. All kinds of them. I watched as it transgresses with each era. From the rise of the platforms to the death of the stilletos to the rebirth of wedges. I have about forty pairs of them. Ballet flats, wedges, platforms, sky high heels, and slip ons are just some of my faves. However, none of them was wearable. :p

Before, it was just a thing used to protect our feet. But now, it a whole new industry made for a woman’s luxury.


Love the drama!

worn out? who cares!

New or not, expensive or cheap, patent or suede, a good pair of shoes sets you up in the mood. If you need a good kick to go with your outfit or a laidback style on a never-planned wear, there’s always something for you. I don’t know for some but I felt the need to say this, I LOVE shoes! Brings a whole new iridescent feel for my monochrome world! Haha!

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