The Sun Still Shines in the Summertime

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Look of the Day — As I have said from my previous posts, I’m having this thing for skirts lately..all kinds of them. One of my “fashion” fears would be wearing maxi skirts. It is something that I got used to saying no but now I’m thinking, why not?! Looking back, I know I had this hesitation that the cloth would look like it simply consumed me. Maybe all we need is to define where our waist is so we won’t look slouchy and baggy.


Floral corset, Topshop. Taupe maxi skirt and purple sunglasses, Vaintage. Cheyser heels, SO Fab. Crochet vest, OASAP. Braided belt and accessories, Forever 21. 


“And the sun still shines in the summertime
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine
I tried to change, but I changed my mind
Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine
Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine..”



I did a mild print on print party with this look if you have noticed — florals and aztec. It is unlikely I know and it may come off as a mismatch but I think that’s what makes the outfit me. After all, we aren’t following any rules here right?!


The choice of wearing a crochet vest is another last minute add on. It has always been like that. I refrain from keeping the boyfriend waiting whilst changing in between outfits so most often than not, I just grab whatever accessory or shoes I can find. Maybe that’s the reason why I keep getting comments like, “cute outfit but could’ve chosen a different shoes” or “top and shorts again?”. Lol! 😆


So anyway, we took these photos a few blocks from our house. Passersby would gawk like I’m some kind of a criminal or a freak at a carnival perhaps? I even overheard a driver talking to another person that maybe we’re having a shoot so I’d have something to post as a profile pic on Facebook. Seriously? Hahaha! 


I doooon’t know what I’m doing and yes I look !@#%$^$!@!


Other ways to wear maxi skirts? Try it with a leather jacket, denim buttondown top, graphic tee, blazer, cardigan, or an oversized top tied at the waist. I wore mine with corset and vest but you can try the other options too. Here’s to hoping you’d like today’s look!


And the heels as well. These babies, I can wear them out without getting scared! 😉



Stay wicked!