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I’m posting here something that I made for my kinky monkey Chrclmnky. It was a product of thoughts at random, a product of paranoia brought about by separation months ago. It rhymed, so I transcribed it from thoughts to paper and voila! I made myself this poetic thingy in an instant.


by wickedying

I thank you for the chance of knowing you better. I thank you for the activities you and I shared.
I thank you for those times when you showed me you care. I thank you for being there when the world was unfair.

I thank you for letting me see life again in a whole new light. and most of all, thank you for the patience you have when you and I fight.

I may seem hard to handle and I may always make you cry.
But let me tell you this, to you I will never lie… nor will I go out with any other guy.

I like the freedom I feel when I’m with you and I love the little talks you and I always do.
I like the way you stare at me. I love it when we live life so worry-free.

You understand how I cogitate and I get the way you operate.
You know the ways to make me go weak and I for once know how to make you go freak.

There’s something about the feeling of being with you.
There’s something about the acts only you can do.

We could be anywhere from dusk ’til dawn…
Soaking, drowning ourselves into the world of our own.