The Wedding – Love Story of a Lifetime

In PR by Wicked Ying


Do not, under any circumstances let the best moments of your life go without capturing them. Especially your wedding should be remembered, photographed and videotaped. Imagine if there were no pictures of the royal wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. It is not only a wedding, it is history. This goes not only for the real royal blood but for us too. The average people of this modern world have their own history and every single one of us has to keep track of the events that have a major importance and change our lives. The wedding of course means a lot. It is separating our lives in 2 parts, before and after. And because it is such a majestic and notorious event, it influenced industries to grow. Like the wedding photography that has gone huge all around the world. Every country, every state and every city has photographers and companies that offer such services. San Francisco Wedding Photography offers a huge range of photographers, styles and everything that relates to it. The same is for any other developed city, whenever you are you can find a photographer and that is not a problem for us anymore. 

So how do you want your grandchildren to know the history of your wedding? Starting with your white shoes and a glass of champagne next to them and finishing with your bridesmaids trying to catch the bouquet, everything is going to be remembered and seen by you, your cousins from another state and maybe even your future grand grand daughters and possibly their robots.

Even during the middle age, people at weddings tried to paint themselves because it was really important for them and it is really important for us. So now, imagine how lucky we are to have photography. You can see your bouquet, nail manicure and make up in full HD. A high quality memory for a lifetime that will re-create the history of your love in the realest possible way is a photograph. Depending on how do you want your story to be written, photographed and told, are your creative thoughts and ideas. At your own wedding you should do whatever you want and you should let the camera capture it all, because this celebration is not only an event, it is a love story of a lifetime.