The Wicked Hoarder

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Is it me or we all have the “hoarding syndrome”? Don’t we all just love collecting? This is part two of the things that I have accumulated all throughout the years yet I do not really use. I’ve shown you my shoe collection first in My Sea of Shoes, so now here goes the other stuff.

Perfumes, shades, bags, belts, nail polish, magazines, make up, and clothes among all others. Sleeping in my own room isn’t possible anymore because clothes are everywhere. Hung up on wall, on my bed, overflowing in the closet, sitting pretty on the chair, and even on the other room! Weird thing is, every time you get dressed you’re too confused on what to wear because you don’t feel like having enough clothes to wear or you feel like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again.

Hands up if you’re into accessories ladies! I forgot to take photos of my old ones, these are what I basically use on a daily basis. Spot the WickedYing logo…  😈