Things You Shouldn’t Wear After Age 40

In Fashion by Wicked Ying

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s show “What Not To Wear,” you know that fashion is tricky no matter what age you are. Luckily for those in the dark, there are a few standard tips to be shared.

The following are some easy to remember (and abide by) tips for those ladies who have reached the age of 40 and beyond:


  • No Miniskirts – The old adage is true, you really shouldn’t be wearing miniskirts after 40 years of age. Now, don’t take this to mean that you can’t wear skirts at all – there are a lot of age-appropriate skirts out there. Just be aware of the hemline. “I recommend anywhere from 3 inches above the knee to right below the knee,” says Amy Tara Koch, a Chicago-based style expert, in a “Reader’s Digest” article. That part of your leg is often the skinniest part, she also shares – that is, aside from your ankles. Naturally, you want to always dress to flatter your own body, so accentuating the skinniest part of your legs will make you look thinner and taller. If you must wear a miniskirt, there is one exception to this rule: Wear it with tights or leggings (the non see-through kind). Also, make sure any skirt you choose isn’t too tight. Remember to flatter your body and leave some things to the imagination.


  • Be Cautious with High Heels –You can absolutely wear high heels when you are 40 and older; however, you need to buy age-appropriate high heels. This means no spiked stilettos and nothing that’s name-branded and marketed toward 20-somethings. (This includes anything Juicy, for example.) Keep neutral colors in mind and aim for shorter heels averaging about two to three inches high. If you’re off to a 40th birthday party in Las Vegas, there may be an exception, but you should still remember to keep it classy. 

  • No Glitter – Glitter is fun, but it’s not for those who are nearing menopause. Leave the glitter to the young kids who have yet to learn what real fashion is. Instead, go for a shiny metallic belt or a shirt that uses shiny threads to give your clothes some “pop.” Use accessories to show off your shiny side with metallic bracelets or shoes that offer a metallic element.
  • Educate Yourself – When in doubt, look around online at popular fashion blogs or browse through your favorite magazines. Maybe you can’t exactly recreate the look you love, but it should provide some inspiration. Another great option is to take an online fashion course. Online courses are flexible and can provide you with up-to-date fashion tips. Learn more at online college classes.
  • You’re Fabulous –As they say, 40 is the new 20 and it’s fabulous. Remember that just because you are 40 doesn’t mean that you can’t also be fashionable, whatever it is that means to you. Keep your body shape in mind and remember to keep having fun. You’re fabulous and your clothes should reflect that. 😉



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