Thrifting Treasures

In Fashion, Photography by Wicked Ying

Last Monday was uber fun with my cousin. It was our scheduled day to go out thrifting more commonly known here as ukay-ukay. Bought a lot that day which includes 2 pairs of cute wedges, cardigans, an Abercrombie jacket, a cover up for swimwear, and (drumroll please….)

well spent Php120



This camel Hermes wallet! However my stupidity led me to do something that kind of ruined this sinful beauty. Since it had some minute black marks on it, I’ve lathered on a good amount of nail polish remover or acetone with the hopes of making it look oh so cleaned up. Nah! It made it a lot worse.. Can’t do anything about it, the color was a bit washed or faded of some sort (Why do I always sound so vague when I write stuff?)

So here it is.. Took photos of it with my own call for photography’s sake. This cheap cartolina served as my seamless background (credits to Charcoal Monkey’s resourcefulness)  😀

Still learning how to use Lightroom and Photoshop.. Talk about CO N F U S I N G!  😈