Time is Standing Still

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Look of the Day — I took a trip down memory lane by playing songs from All American Rejects. Not sure if you can still remember the song to where the title stems from but it’s a good one. 


“You thrown in all directions
You epitome of perfection
She’s lost her will (she’s lost her will)
time is standing still…”


Number print tee (sold out), denim skirt, and pastel pink backpack, Sammydress. Heels, Forever 21. Chain necklace, Li’s Closet.



Have you ever reached a point in your life when you don’t know what to do? Well, that’s almost always the case every time I finish watching a series. I go through a grieving process where I have to let all the story/happening sink in and move on with another one. There’s nothing wrong with being too attached but that’s just me. It is similar with reading a book. Once you’re in the last page and you’ve read the last sentence, you close it and ask yourself, now what?

If you’ve read my past post, you’d know I’m all about the Breaking Bad craze. I guess that has to do with my fascination with Science stuff. It reminded me of my grade school yearbook where you had to fill out the detail on what you want to become when you grow up. I’ve put “to become a chemist” or maybe that was scientist, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen my yearbook in ages. Lol! Isn’t it crazy how we’re so fixated on to something before and all it is now is a good laugh. Soooo, to cut the story short, that’s the reason why I’ve gone AWOL. Part of my absence in the blogosphere is catching up with friends too. I couldn’t be happier that I have a tiny bit of social life now. Classmates and batchmates are so fun to be with. Haha!




I hope today’s look would pass as trendy enough despite my seemingly predictable choices. I like it. Sporty-ish top, denim skirt with a bit of a frill, and the multi-strap heels are fun details to begin with.


The uber cute bag which I scored for a whole lot less at Sammydress. You guys should check the store out. They sell items at a lesser price compared to its popular (Chinese-based e-store) counterparts. Believe it or not this whole look is less that $30.


New shoes. Excuse my hairy legs, (IKR?) I hate them too. These fancy pair from Forever 21 remind me of Fashiontoast or Neon Blush and I have no idea why.



Ending this post with a (rather silent) advanced birthday greeting to my one and only partner in crime, Charcoal Monkey. Technically, it’s tomorrow but nonetheless — Happy Birthday Boo! I can’t wait to give my mini-surprise gift. Lol!


Stay wicked!