Trendy Boots

In PR by Wicked Ying


If there’s a trend that one should follow, that would have to be the ankle boots. The style is so versatile you can go casual to chic depending on the shoe design. Boots can easily give a look the extra oomph without sacrificing comfort and style. Dress it up with jeans, denim shorts, or even the trendiest dress.  

Spice up your wardrobe by acquiring the basics. How would you style these?


Flat boots – Perfect for the casual denim look. It shows off your style and let’s admit, it is trendier than a pair of flats. Lol!


Mid-heel boots by Coolway – These would be great for skinny jeans or tights and a moto jacket to top it all off!


High heel boots by Jumex – Night outs? Wear these! 


Ankle boots are stylish and convenient. They do every body type right because not only it makes one slimmer, it also elongates your legs making you appear taller. Remember, proportion is key.