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Tiger print tank top, PROPS. Two-toned leather jacket and shorts, Forever 21. Customized shoes, DAS.  


Look of the Day — Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I’ve caught the holiday bug and the holiday virus simultaneously that I just had to enjoy every bit of sleep/break that I could possibly get. Good thing I got rid of the flu in time before the new year kicks in. Never felt this better and giddy to eat all fattening foods that I could get my hands on. Chocolates, cakes, and lechon — come to meh… Heeee! :mrgreen:


Speaking of being sick, I bought this two-toned biker jacket unplanned when I was in Manila because I was shivering literally. It’s as if those air-conditioned establishments are somewhat ginormous freezers that time to me. I felt an upcoming fever accompanied by colds sooooo this jacket came in perfect to keep me warm during the bazaar and mall-hopping adventures. 


What I love about this is that it resembles so much with the ones you see on NastyGal’s site. Its fully lined too so it serves its purpose. Gotta love moto jackets! Whatcha think?


It’s also a better time to take my customized shoes out for a spin. I’m digging the minimalist approach and transparent straps on this pair. It doesn’t command attention but still cute in its own way, just the way I like it! 😉


What do you think about today’s look?


There’s a giveaway coming up. Still too lazy to draft a post. Promise I’ll do it the moment I felt better and back to my normal self again. 


Stay wicked!