Us Girls

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Us Girls

Polka dot cropped top, KHT Chu’s. Floral mullet skirt, Dimmy’s. Gold skinny belt, Forever 21. Necklace, PINKaholic. Black suede wedges.


Is it me or it does feel strange mixing two different prints in an outfit?! I’m no good when it comes to print on print, anything busy. I play safe most of the time. However, I felt like going all girly; thus the cropped top and florals (altogether!). Feels a bit icky wearing this ensemble, it’s quite far from what I would normally wear but I’m happy it turned out okay in photos. 

Purples and blues and all girly colors made this a “happy” look. Ang fresh lang! 😆

Would’ve looked better if it weren’t for my bra straps sticking out. Trust me, I did my best to look for photos that dint have such mishap. All to no avail! Booooooo…. 🙄

Happy much??? Lol! 😆

Why so serious?! 

Guess who’s here?! Steph and I decided to take outfit photos at my place just because… Figured we’d do the outfit shots ourselves since we’re both free and boyf was (sort of) busy that time. Buuuuut, good thing ze BF volunteered to take our photos. This could only mean one thing –> we have photos togethah! Rarely happens unless we resort to Dailybooth.. Haha!


In other news (chos!), I’ve created another account in… I don’t know what struck me to sign up but I honestly think I needed a new one. The old one best serves as a memorabilia of my 365 looks. A fresh start eh?! Will you still fan me?? If you would, here’s the link >>>> WickedYing


P.S. Got something from LBC a.k.a Hari ng Padala yesterday. Thank you Gelat of LittleLondon for the package! She’s uber sweet for sending me clothes and accessories galore! How cool is that?! Will do a separate post about it soon.. 😉


Stay wicked!