Vacation Staples: Essential Clothes & Accessories For Summer Getaways

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Your summer vacation is looming, and you’re rushing around packing everything. You go through this process each year. You pack far too much and end up having to unpack half of it before you leave. You don’t need to take the entire contents of your wardrobe. If you pack sensibly, you will have plenty to wear and still have room in your suitcase for souvenirs.

Begin with the weather. Your clothing will depend on this. If you’re planning a sunshine holiday, then pack accordingly. However, do add a couple of items for unexpected eventualities.


1. Dresses

Dresses are the most versatile items when it comes to holiday packing. To begin with, they can be a whole outfit in themselves. You don’t have to worry about matching and coordinating. They are also light and easy to pack. So you get bonus points for dresses.

Pack several maxi dresses. You can wear them all day long, from beach to bar. They’re loose and comfortable for day wear and are useful to slip on over a bathing suit. Add a few pieces of jewelry and they will take you right into the evening.

Take a couple of smart dresses for the evening too. So you’ll have something to wear if you go to a fancy restaurant or club.


2. Sunnies

Sunglasses are de rigueur for beach holidays. On the practical side, they protect your eyes and provide comfort on hot days. And of course, they will complete any outfit and bring a little St Tropez elegance. Opt for brands that combine both these qualities like Minkpink. One or two pairs should be fine for your vacation.

3. Jeans

We hardly need to mention jeans. They are a staple of your summer and winter wardrobes, and holidays are no exception. Choose a style that suits your frame, and throw a couple of pairs into your suitcase.

4. Bathing Suits And Wraps


If you intend to spend most of your days by the pool or on the beach, you’re going to need a few bathing suits. Swimsuits and bikinis are tricky to buy. Few people feel good in them when they’re standing in the dressing room under the harsh strip lights. Buy styles that suit your body type. If you don’t feel comfortable walking around in a bathing suit, take some loose wraps to wear over the top.

5. Shorts

For beach and pool days, and for walking around town, take a few pairs of shorts. They are versatile enough to wear on the beach and, at a pinch, you can smarten them up for evenings.


6. A Variety Of Tops

Take a variety of strappy tops and t-shirts. T-shirts are useful to cover up if you feel you’re burning. They will protect your neck and shoulders.

7. Hat


A wide-brimmed hat will provide some protection from the sun. When it’s beating down, and you’re walking through the streets looking for souvenirs, you will be thankful for it.

8. Jacket

A light jacket is useful for evenings, especially if it gets a little cooler. Choose a style that matches several outfits. Find something that works with your dresses and equally well over jeans. Light cardigans work well too.

We haven’t mentioned underwear, of course, as we figure you have this covered. Take enough for each day and a few spares. Have we missed anything? What are your holiday essentials?

Clothes for Summer Getaways

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