Wanderlust Diaries

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When you’re working (almost) daily, any form of absence or break is a welcoming relief. Overtime, I have come to accept the predicament I am in. Work is work and  although I have a different way of saying it, I enjoy what I do but it is nice to take a breather once in a while. The best way to spend your “days away” is travelling. To set foot on a place you’ve never been before  has to be the most exciting feeling one could experience. That being said, there’s one word that comes to my mind and that is:


Wanderlust is a word that is a world on its own. If we’re able to come to terms and practice what’s indicated in the above photo, maybe we’d be conscious of life – of what it is and how we deal with it. In a world that’s caught up with superficiality, it is rare to find people who appreciate simple things.




We may find ourselves lost but life finds its way back to us. Appreciate the little things. In the end, it is not about how much you have but what you have. I am describing it in a non-materialistic point of view. Yes, words can be tricky. However, the easiest way to put it is: experience over objects.



YOLO can be an annoying term but it is undeniably true.

*Photos used are some of the snaps boyf took while we’re on our Siargao escapade. All swimmies are from EIKA PH!


Stay wicked!

Travel on!