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Look of the Day — Another outfit that I have put on together in the nick of time. Cropped tops, denim shorts, and a lack of time to think what goes with what. Voila! Allow me to say, here I go again.


Cropped top, GIFI Clothing. Ombre denim shorts, Bubbles. 99 Two, Jeffrey Campbell. Accessories, Forever 21.



Last week, a bunch of goodies arrived in the mail. A helluva lot of goodies, so to speak. It is enough to start my week with a bang and brain is now preoccupied with imaginary outfits. I do that sometimes. Well, maybe quite a lot. Teehee!



Sooo, in relation to today’s outfit, I made sure to make the look edgy. If this isn’t edgy enough then I sure hope the barbed wires and other industrial stuff in the BG made up for it.


Now we know that pairing cropped tops with high waist denim shorts is a given but I like to wear them while I still can. One of the perks of being in early 20’s is getting away with pretty much any look. Agree? Lol!


GIFI Clothing sent me 3 tops in this cut and kind so the challenge is on! Currently thinking of ways on how to create looks without being redundant. Hmmm… Penny for your thoughts?! 🙄


Revamp your old denim shorts by going ombre. Bubbles did it by bleaching it halfway. Now you got yourself a old/new pair!


Outtake. Iniiiiiit! 😎



I’ll be having another round of giveaway in a while thanks to iWhite Korea. Watch out for it wicked people!


Stay wicked!