Welcome Oblivion

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Look of the Day — My take on lazy weekend dressing for the rather unpredictable weather here in the South. 



Cross print sweater, Cichic. Highwaist denim shorts, bazaar find. Honey platforms, Gold Dot.



A simple outfit wearing sweater and shorts. It’s one of those days when you’re brain is cracked up thinking what to wear. We all have those times. Maybe the meme’s true when it said a woman spends approximately 1 year of her life deciding what to wear. Whoa! 🙄


No accessories — just this plain cross bracelet that’s barely visible in photos. I hope you’re able see it. Zoom, zoom, zoom! Haha! 😆


Anyhoo, I can’t seem to resist picking sweaters everytime I get credit points from my sponsors. My reason is — I can easily buy tops and shorts here (online shops and malls) but not so much when it comes to knitwear, sweaters, and basically just fall/winter pegs.


Another trivia that I’d like to point out is that I rarely see people wearing sweaters here in our city. Our place is all about comfort and style is laidback (which is kinda cool) and we’re all about jeans and shirts. Layering? Not so much! Don’t get me wrong, we loooove dressing up. You can prolly tell by the number of boutiques and shops we have….and the themed events we occasionally attend! Agree?!


Chained and bad ass at the same time. Say hello to Honey. 


Join my Sgt. Sailor giveaway if you haven’t yet. Arm party is up for grabs! 😉



April has gone by swiftly. I can’t believe tomorrow’s the start of May (and I haven’t gone to another beach destination yet)! I’m quite sure some of you are stoked about your Labor Day plans. Oh well, I have none. Welcoming myself to oblivion, thus the title but you can blame it on Trent Reznor too.


Stay wicked!