We’re the Gladiators

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Look of the Day — Isn’t it lovely when you can just go inside a store, pull out clothes that catches your fancy, take them home, snap a few photos wearing them and return the loot after? That’s exactly what happened when I went to Spruce Butuan. 


Sweater and frill skirt, Spruce. Birdland gladiator heels, Jeffrey Campbell. Necklace, Li’s Closet. 



There is definitely something to gain out of every period of absence. Being gone (on my blog) since my birthday made me think of things, usually related to self-discovery. Nothing new! I spent time with myself and my thoughts too. I have thought about how easy life would be if I have all the time in the world — the one where I do not cram nor procrastinate. I thought about people who do not have to work a day in their life and what their average day be like. I also thought about how pointless sleep is and how we waste so many hours in a day because of it. My boyfriend and I often talk about what we’d do if we have the money and the time in the world. My answer involves travel, reading, and learning new crafts. We’re both information hogs and we crave for conversations that make sense (though we can be as fickle as we’d like it to be)! I don’t know if I can find someone who can engage in such out of this world topics. The intellectual banter is unlike any other. Weirdos unite!

I’ve been engrossed about the Myers-Biggs Type Indicator or the MBTI. It is a list of personality types and psychological preferences. Where was I when this was discussed in college? MBTI is a long test with fairly accurate results, I’d say. I pored over countless articles after discovering that I am an INFJ. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are at this level makes us understand ourselves more. I suggest you try it!


Anyway, I tried out red-white color combination despite the holiday season being long over. So last year! 



It’s all about the shoes. A friend of mine sent these Jeffrey Campbell Birdland. Well, technically, I chose this pair but at last my long overdue gift is finally here! I’m shoe happy!


I’ll be catching up with more OOTD posts soon. My ultra mean wickedmachine can very much multitask with ease now after its epic upgrade. Thank you boyf!


P.S. Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS were busy that day. I’m all smiles!



Stay wicked!