We’ve Crossed the Line

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Look of the Day — A quick post today in my most casual laidback outfit to date. I’m feeling lucky we can always get away with wearing summer-inspired pieces anytime here in the Philippines. Maybe the only time it would seem awkward to pull off such is if we’re hit by a storm which happens not too often thankfully. I wish I could wear the shortiest shorts I have when out and about but we all know that might not be possible, right? Some clothes are to be left for Lookbook and blogging purposes only. *le sigh*


Cross print cropped top, Forever 21. Earrings, Forever 21. Ombre festival shorts and gladiator flats, VAINTAGE.



Hello, I tried falsies again. I’m not really used to it but it has added benefits photo-wise. Lol!


Less is more, eh?


I don’t know if these will still qualify as festival shorts but they fit crazy good. They come in different colors too.

“It’s always summer somewhere.”


I’m so happy that one of my favorite sponsors are expanding and growing by the minute. Vaintage has now produced their own line of shoes and I get to test drive one of them. Their shoes are cheaper than most local shops but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. Yes… These Zandra flats are perfect! All the more when I knew that I’m the only blogger they are sending goodies to. How fortunate can I get?! 😆


Stay wicked!