What I Wore

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What I Wore

Velvet dress, Topshop. White blazer, WAGW. Accessories and clutch, Forever 21. Perfect shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.


I decided to make a separate post for my look during the event. I dunno, I guess outfit posts are fun that way. Haha! Soooo, despite the fact that ALL my outfit shots were blurry, I manage to save a few just for the heck of it. Urrrggghhh…sayang! 😡

Anyway, the look I put up was a last minute option. Steph and I brought maxi dresses with us and we felt it won’t go well with the event. Good thing first day shopping in Manila was a success. Bought this dress mainly because it was on 50% off sale. Not bad for a Topshop item right?! I consider it as a steal! Why am I so freaked out about sales?! Lol! 

Happy much?! Did the make up myself.. Haha! :mrgreen:

Taray ni Steph oh! 😆

And uhm, took a helluva lot of photos at the restroom. Sometimes, you can’t resist the lure of a full length mirror. Agree?!

Late dinner at Cafe Breton. It’s near the place we’re staying so it’s cool. I ordered wheat bread with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Vanilla milkshake was on the list too. It somewhat reminded me of breakfast. It was yummy and I ain’t complainin’! Teeehee! 😉

Our busog faces afterwards! 😀


That’s about it! Severe backlog so I’m doing it one post at a time. Bear with me okay?! 😉


Stay wicked!