What to Add in Your Wardrobe for Summer

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It’s always summer somewhere…

Summer is definitely the most exciting part of the year as this time is filled with beach parties, pool parties and late night extravaganzas. Summer may have come to an end but now is not the time for hairsplitting regarding the selection of summer clothes. While some people might not even have time to step out of their houses to go shopping, the expedient solution lies in surfing through online marketplaces and getting your desired items delivered at your doorstep. Here in the Philippines, it appears that alongside Zalora, eBay.ph, OLX, Amazon and a few others, Kaymu is also a nice place to check out for some of the best summer clothing finds. Finding inspirations for your summer pegs is an important must-do before doing any sort of online shopping spree!




Denim Returns

Denim has made a lacerating return on the ramp, at least by some luxury clothing stores like Gucci, Burberry etc. This time around, denim has appeared in faded blue color with a spectrum of conventionality. This revival makes sense because denim is skin-friendly when it comes to the warmer and humid seasons.


The Burberry Special

Burberry, the famous designer store for women, has also announced its exquisite summer collection and we spotted some of the must-have frocks from that collection. The Birds and The Bees runway collection include some detailed-oriented prints with French dégradé lace.


The collection is basically based on the idea of lightweight fabric, which goes easy on women’s body even on the hottest days. Above photo is a simple yet elegant sleeveless silk dress which can be wore both at casual as well as formal parties with minimum accessories. Whereas above right, the animal print silk dress is slightly oriented for the sex sirens and extrovert women, especially on the pool parties. Grab some of these dresses and illuminate your wardrobe with silk dresses.


Some Cashmere Scarves

To stay cool and away from the summer heat is essential for every woman. Hair in particular need some special care and attention. Headscarves and hats are usually not a bad option, instead of spending too much on the cosmetics etc. So, here we stand with some of the finest and delicate cashmere scarves from Burberry store.


Kimono dresses


Many designers hit the traditional Japanese culture to cool off the summer heat. These long loose dresses are quite famous among women around the world owing to the ease and comfort they offer. Slightly tied across the waist with a loose belt, every woman should give this dress a try. Designers like Gucci, Celine and few others gave a nice revamp to kimono dresses and gave us these martial arts sturdy yet sexy looks:


Ready to start shopping? With these suggestions in mind, you’ll surely end up picking the rights ones for this season!



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