What’s In Your Purse

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The things a girl carries about in her purse can tell a lot about her as a person, her life and her personality. A handbag is a symbol of style and personality, some of them are crazy expensive and worth much more than the sum total of their contents but hey . . . it’s the purse that people see, nobody need ever know what’s actually being carried on the inside.Generally, every day type objects which girls tend to carry with them wherever they go include: 

• Diary – yes, even in these days of iPhones, iPads and electronic organizers it’s amazing how many people still find comfort in organizing their daily lives using a good old fashioned diary. 

• Pens – to write in the diary of course, as well as to scribble handy notes / telephone numbers as and when the need arises (which is quite often if you’re anything like me).


• Business Cards – loads of people have got business cards these days, even those who don’t actually have a business. A handy card complete with name, occupation, telephone number, email address and funky image is an extremely convenient method of passing over your details to people you meet . . . particularly if you can’t find a pen. 

• Cell Phone – many purses and handbags these days have cottoned on to the fact that everybody – yes, I mean everybody carries a cell phone these days, (except my Mom but that’s a different story) and are manufactured with handy cell phone sized pockets so that you can quickly grab yours when a familiar tune starts playing from your bag or the whole item starts to vibrate. 


• Keys – But of course! Though we must admit, we forget to bring this with us at times! Right? We all got them, some people have key chains worthy of Fort Knox itself and others have a single key on a chain with a fob declaring their name, make of car or favorite town / city / sports team. The larger the bunch of keys the easier they are to find in the depths of the purse.

•  Change Purse – people still do carry money you know, at least a little bit. Anyhow, change purses have handy slots to keep credit cards, debit cards, store cards and any other type of charge cards you can think of. There is talk about some stores becoming cash free but I’m not sure that it will ever catch on. It just doesn’t seem right to leave home without at least a few dollars in your handbag in case of emergency. 


• Makeup case – even if you are strictly a lip balm and mascara sort of girl it makes good sense to carry some sort of cosmetic case in your purse. It not only helps to keep your makeup items all together, in one place and accessible but also your handbag tidy and organized. There are some fabulous makeup cases for sale at The Salon Outlet in a terrific range of colors, fabrics, styles and sizes.  

 Some women carry around handbags the size of a satchel stuffed with half of their worldly belongings – many of which could even be used as a lethal weapon. You certainly wouldn’t want to be hit with one which is as heavy as a brick.Just as de-cluttering your home can help you to clear your mind – the same can be said of the humble handbag. If you are the sort of person who shoves receipts, loose change and half eaten chocolate bars in your bag and never delve quite deep enough or thoroughly enough to clean it out you’ll always have trouble finding your keys . . . even if you’ve got a hefty key chain.


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