What’s Wrong with Me?!

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It’s these days again… 😥

When you’re awfully sad without realizing what the reason is,

When you’re just simply tired of life and find it senseless,

When you feel ignored by the people around you,

When you’re too stiff; afraid to loosen up coz’ you might burst if you do,

What’s wrong with me you ask? I do not have any idea either…


You might think I’m crazy, well I guess I am. No, wait, I thought so too. Call me weird for posting this piece of nonsense on my blog but I don’t care. Yes, I could be vulnerable at times and this content is considered public. I just don’t care, it’s my space anyway and I paid every bit of it. I called it an online diary for a reason and I think moments like this come in handy. I don’t feel relieved unless I put thoughts into writing, into words, and  into a composition that somehow I hope makes sense to the ones reading it.  I still have a stockpile of notebooks that contain scribbles; better left unread. So why did I write this today? The scorching hot afternoon must have fried my brains out. My usual indifferent disposition took a break; the old me was momentarily resurrected. This post reminded me of my first blog post way back Friendster days. It sounded similar to this one. I keep pondering over thoughts that something is terribly wrong with me. That was ages ago, teenage days. Now in my twenties, I still entertain the same thoughts and I’m like “seriously?”.  Thinking that I outgrew that piece of emotional train wreck was a lie… I’m running out of words, I could only hope the strikethroughs prevented you from reading the whole paragraph.