Wicked Ying’s Lusting Over MiuMiu

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  Miu Miu shoes have become this season’s uniform on most fashion bloggers I’ve checked out. With a large selection ranging from chunky to stiletto heels, cool prints (the sparrows are my favorite btw), and lastly its chic style that puts an exclamation point on your outfit. If I’m not mistaken, I think this is their Spring 2010 collection.

I’ve been lusting over this one for as long as I’ve wandered the blogosphere!

The photo above is the MiuMiu copy from ShoesOne, a Korean brand of some sort.

You’re a certified blog whore (in a good way) if you would recognize whose feet are wearing these gorgeous satin Miu Mius. Do I have to say? None other than my icon The Fashion Toast, Rumi Neely!

Wearing this Miu Miu thick heeled pair is The Golden Diamonds blogger from Moldova named Doina Ciobanu. Now where could I possible find these cutesy green heels? Hmmmm…

I’ve scoured all the online shops and searched for them, the only ones available are blue, red, and black. They don’t look as good as the green polka dots! Agree?

I still don’t have a pair of green shoes. I’m a loser!