WickedYing on the Prowl

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Been busy prowling the webs for cheap web hosting sites. The thought of having my own website scares me, but the good thing is that it has no limits, no reservations, and no restrictions. I can do anything I want with it. Purple themes, subpages, sub domains, and all. I may sound techie but to tell you frankly I am a newbie to this field. There is fun in learning all of these though. Seeing your site stats, having visitors comment, stumbling upon those spammers through their blog comments. It IS fun.

May have to bid goodbye to the affixed dot wordpress dot com… Nonetheless, I’ll still be using WordPress’s tool for my soon to be site.. So what would it be? wickedying dot com? The purple stilletos (which I still did not manage to find) dot com? The options are endless… Enough about this blabbing, back to work… Ciao!

I have a lot of work to do tonight, lots of catching up to do. Slumber party with Charcoal Monkey? I guess so… But it’s all about work (and movie perhaps?)

Thoughts at random: Groove Salad’s got some cool chill out beats tonight, you might want to listen too..

Forgive me for looking so stressed and oh-so-in-distress!


Groove Salad on the radio.