Wise Shoe Shopping

In PR by Wicked Ying


Wise shopping is not a trait but a skill learned through time. We all have to admit that buying something gives us a different kind of happiness. Agree? But we can’t buy the things we want unless we have an endless supply of moolah. Whenever we are on a tight budget, we can always remember and apply useful shopping tips. The best scenario in situations that calls a need for being thrifty is when buying SHOES! We see shoes here and there, online and in retail stores. Quite hard to choose which is which right?! It is an unavoidable dilemma we girls have to face.

                For shoe junkies, it has become a ritual to regularly check online shops and retail stores for good ole kicks. I did my own “window shopping” spree myself; this time at Macy’s site. I really didn’t know that they sell internationally. Now you all can do a little browsing too. Heee!

                I challenged myself this time to pick 6 pairs that can withstand whatever season or trends. I call these my must-haves! Here they are:


Formal / Corporate events 


Girls night out 










                There you go! Which is your favourite? Visit MACY’s for more shoooooes!