With Words Unspoken

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Look of the Day — Long time no post! I do not have any new OOTDs to share so this throwback outfit will have to do for now. Guess I’d be doing this Throwback Thursday thing on the blog. Heeee!

And with words unspokenA silent devotionI know you know what I meanAnd the end is unknownBut I think I’m readyAs long as you’re with meBeingAs in love with you as I am

As in love, love, love…” 

Peplum top and shorts sent by Migoh. Sunglasses, FLY Shades. Necklace, Li’s Closet. White heels, Lola Shoetique.


I was feeling gray the past few weeks which explains my abrupt hiatus from blogging. It was probably one of the darkest days I’ve gone through. I admit, it came to a point when I was ready to leave everything behind (social media, blog life, and all) and simply disappear in the comfort of anonymity. Some people talk too much, some people don’t. I had my share of misgivings on this thought; learned about it the hard way. The last days of May went awry as it was filled with an air of regret and resentment. After pondering on words already spoken (about me and my psyche) coupled with deep set introspection, I realized I may have issues especially in the aspect of communication. You see, the problem with me is silence. I’m not one of those women who’d go ballistic, batshit cray and not caring even if it meant causing drama in public places. Whenever I get pissed over unpleasant situations, I shut down. I do not respond to external stimuli…at all! Like an invisible curtain or a wall automatically put up, I feel okay within my personal space – in my very own bubble. Safe to say from that moment on, things can go haywire. I do not expect people to constantly guess about what I’m going through but like a child having tantrums, it is best left ignored. Tinkering and quizzing me about it would only make matters worse. Yes, communication is a two-way street but when feelings are deemed invalid, you go ask yourself what’s the point of sending the message across? People tend to be too rational sometimes that they only see the case in a logical point of view. More so, they feel obliged to treat you like a case study that’s under observation. Am I a patient of some sort? No. This is precisely why I prefer to keep my side of the story all to myself. Why? Because in the end, you’ll only find yourself in a losing argument you wish you’ve never rebutted in the first place. Women are wired to ‘feel’ and that’s the truth. I’ve read somewhere there’s this 3A’s us girls need to be secure: affection, attention, and appreciation. Would you agree?

Like The XX’s song Angels, all these words are left unspoken until now. I dealt with my issues head on thinking about all the words I’d say in an orderly manner. My attempts failed and all to no avail. It is a work in progress though, or so I believe. However, my point is that you can never fix a person. You can either accept them flaws and all or not. Compromise is key.



This outfit matched the gloomy mood I was in but one can always expect a brighter sky after a storm, right? Here are the rest of the photos:


I am looking forward to celebrating sunshine-y days ahead, literally and metaphorically speaking (if you know what I mean).


Thank you Gian for the late birthday gift!

Stay wicked!