You are the Drug in My Veins

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You are the Drug in My Veins

Printed buttondown, Romwe. Pink printed skirt, Vaintage. Necklace, Forever 21. 


Look of the Day — My not-so-subtle print on print look. It may be considered as too formal for my taste but like I always say, it’s fun trying on new things. I honestly have no idea what drew me into wearing skirts lately. Heck, I even wear skirts on night-outs now which is even weirder if you ask me. I was never the skirt kind of girl (as if I had to tell you that). Obvious facts are obvious. Lol!

 Anyway, back to the print on print talk. I never thought I could pull one off (or at least I think I can). The trend is very Camille Co that I figured I do not have the authority to don one. Let’s face it, she owns the print on print thing. Haha! I like how this ensemble made me look tall(er) though because of the structured shoulders and high heels. 

I put on make up here. A formal outfit won’t be complete without the red lip and some serious eyeshadow play.. My (fading) red hair compels me to wear red lippies. Pffttt! 🙄

My obsession over long-sleeved tops is evident. Thanks Steph for this geometric piece! I love collecting them despite the fact that I won’t be able to wear them as much as I like. I dunno.. I think it’s too dressy for everyday wear.

Skirt reminded me of Givenchy. An intricate print, I don’t even know how to describe it. What do you call this print anyway?

Hello old shoes! This one was sold to me by Steph’s sis-in-law because it’s too small. I dig the high heels + red soles. I bought them mainly because I do not own a pair of black pumps. 


Did I blab too much? It’s one of those moments when I would love to talk talk talk, so I just store them in my thought bank and just let it out whenever I have the chance to blog. In other news, who’s going to Bloggers United 4? I was included in the participating bloggers album so I guess it’s safe to say that it’s official, I’m going to BU4 wicked people! Haha! Go buy your tickets, hokaay?! I don’t have that much items to sell mind you. I just want to meet and greet familiar faces and names. Top that off with lots of foodie adventures and I’m good! Lol! 😆

Uhm… I guess I won’t be able to post about outfit and stuff anytime soon. It saddens me but I can’t help it if the weather seems uncooperative. It’s been raining for days and flood is imminent. Boooo! Lucky me, I get e-mails from people asking if I’d be willing to host giveaways. Can’t say no! It’s the least I could do for my readers who visit my blog every now and then despite the boring posts I make. Teehee! So if you’re interested in joining ALL of the giveaways, you can simply go to my blog’s homepage and browse the past posts. It’s not that hard to find..really! 


Stay wicked!