You Know What I Did This Summer

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Took a short vacay to welcome summer. My undying quest for the summer sun has finally ended. :mrgreen:

We had the chance to visit one of the Philippine’s pride, Boracay. A must visit whenever one plans to visit our country. The sun, the beach, the food, everything’s just what I’ve envisioned.

It ruined my perfectly manicured purple and cracking nails, but it’s worth it!  :mrgreen:

Drinks by night, after a hefty meal.

Before going back to the boredom stricken city of Butuan, we stayed for a few days at Cebu. Can’t help but splurge on a few apparel, and that includes my undying love for shoes. Aside from denim shorts, few make up, I bought 3, yes you read it right, 3 pairs of shoes…..AGAIN!  And with regards to what kind, it’s all about the big C, as in clogs and wooden wedges, whatever! Never thought I’d go gaga over them.

Will post them in my next entry. I really hope I had the leisure of time to sit and just concentrate on my thoughts, put it into writing and boom, another entry made! Planning on posting all the stuff that I’ve hoard all these years..  😈