Your Tea: Fertility Tea Review

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BLOGGERMAIL ALERT!!! New goodies came in fresh from our trusty local post office this week and it has something to do with ‘healthy lifestyle’ promotion. You might have already seen this familiar brand from other bloggers posts so I’m pretty sure you have an idea what tea-toxing is about.

“We bring you a range of natural herbal teas that address the physical and the emotional. Our blends empower you on the path of health and wellness… one sip at a time.” —Your Tea


My choice was Your Tea’s Fertility Tea which was created by renowned natural fertility specialist and Your Tea Ambassador, Nat Kringoudis.



Ingredients and Health Use

Each teabag weighs 2.5 grams and contains traditional ingredients such as Green Tea, Wu Wei Zi, Man Jing Zi, Pu Gong Yin, Gou Qi, Bo He

It is recommended for women experiencing:

  • PCOS
  • PMS
  • Endometriosis
  • Candida
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Fertility issues
  • digestive issues
  • problematic skin

How Fertility Tea Helps The Body

This Your Tea blend is gentle, safe and perfectly balanced to naturally support hormones. The herbs benefit ovulation and regulates menstrual cycle to maximize fertility and conception potential. Got questions or concerns? Check out the Fertility Tea FAQ.



My parcel came in 30-day box set. There are 60 individually packed bags inside which means it’s tea-time twice a day. I don’t know what made choose this particular blend out of all Your Tea’s products but I think it was the purple tinge that got me sold in a heartbeat. Well apart from my obvious liking for its color, I am hoping it could aid my monthly bouts with dysmenorrhea, PMS, possible hormonal imbalance related to the use of birth control pills and other unexplainable whatnots (just because I am a woman in my prime reproductive age).


Overall Rating: 8/10

My thoughts? Well, I’m not much of a tea drinker but this blend ain’t that bad even with no sugar or honey added to it. I’m still on my 5th day and have yet to experience its real benefits.

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