You’re Like Crack to Me

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Look of the Day — I find it weird that I’m actually smiling. On some rare occasion, yes I do know how to smile. I’m not as grumpy as you think I am. Moving on….. Fringe and lace up are the things to go for today’s look. One can easily go wrong with overwhelming details but there are ways to avoid looking like a clown too. I’m trying to make it as fuss-free as possible. Haha!


Fringe top and necklace, FEMMEX. Black highwaist shorts, Bershka. Lace up heels, Fancy Feet.



Now that I’ve mentioned crack, let’s admit there are things that can be quite addicting fashion wise. Mine would have to be shoes, bustiers, and shorts. What’s yours?


Anyway, the top I’m wearing here is quite plunging and loose. It was the perfect time to wear my goodies from Wacoal. The deep-plunge bra works well with oversized tank tops, V-neck shirts, and the like. Ladies, we can avoid fashion booboo’s thanks to this awesome idea. Heee!

Here’s what the undergarment looks like:




This would have to be the last look where I still don’t have the 2nd tattoo. Or maybe there’s more buried in piles of folders but I’m too lazy to post some old ootd. Now if only I have someone who’d do the editing for me, life would’ve been easier. Boyf and I would always talk about how fun it would be having clones or robots or just about anything that would help make daily routines a breeze. Lol!


Fringe equates to “music festival” look (for me at least). I don’t know what it is about fringe but it has that indie vibe going on. Just the mere sight of it makes the look fest-ready! Agree?


Charcoal says HELLO! Amber is locked up (in the kennel) when we took these shots so Charc-Charc is the new photobomber now. Teehee! :mrgreen:



Stay wicked!